Friday, December 27, 2013

Introduction - 52 New Things

With the New Year approaching, I'm kicking off a new project.  52 New Things.  The goal of 52 New Things is to prompt my family and me to try new things, hopefully at least once a week.  We all tend to slip into patterns in our lives.  There's nothing wrong with that, but it can sometimes get dull.  With 52 New Things, I can establish a pattern, but also try something new.

For 2014, I thought I'd set a theme of Food.  For a couple of years now my wife and I have talked about ideas for changing up our food habits a bit.  One year we talked about making at least one meal from scratch each week.  That soon turned into at least once a month, then later, once whenever we had time.

We've also talked about trying different foods from various countries.  We never really got very far with that idea either.

This year, with the help of this blog (writing stuff down helps keep me motivated), I thought we could combine the two ideas, and try foods from around the world by making at least one home-made meal a week.  I like to cook.  Not in the "I'm going to be a famous chef when I grow up" kind of way, but more in the "I grew up on home cooking and liked it" kind of way.  I'm certainly not a Foodie by any stretch of the imagination.  Like most people, I like to eat.  It keeps me alive and sometimes food tastes good.  I'd be hard pressed to tell you what's in a particular dish just by taste though.

Will that change?  I dunno.  We're trying new things. :-)

So how will 52 New Things work for 2014?  Each week, I'll use an online random list tool to select a country.  With the country selected, I'll do some research on a dish that the country is either known for, or is a staple of that area.  Next, I'll see if I can find the ingredients for that dish, cook it, and serve to the family so that we can all try something new.

Wish us luck, and don't forget to try something new!

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